Wednesday, June 25, 2014

famous and historic Rosslyn site to be redeveloped

The Arlington County Board recently approved a site plan to redevelop the the block of 1401 Wilson Boulevard and 1400 Key Boulevard in Rosslyn.  The new development will feature a 24-floor office building and a 28-floor luxury residential building with 274 residential units.  In addition, the building will include a full-service grocery store.

Some provisions have been made for parking.  The development will include an underground parking garage containing 219 bicycle parking spaces and 816 spaces for inhuman-powered vehicles.  That imbalance is somewhat troubling.  However, bike-loving residents often keep their bikes within their apartments so that they can constantly gaze on them and admire them.  At a rough estimate of three bikes per residential unit (you need at least a road bike, a mountain bike, and a cyclocross bike), total bike parking inside and outside the residential units amounts to 1041 bike spaces.

The redevelopment includes attention to public space.  In addition to funding public art and public space improvements throughout Rosslyn, the site itself will include two gardens:
Two public open space areas, a lower and upper “garden,” will provide separation between the office and residential buildings and will provide attractive, publicly accessible spaces, with pedestrian access throughout the site. The “upper garden,” built over the grocery store will include water features, seating, outdoor dining, a bocce court, interactive play features and an elevator with access to the grocery store and Key Blvd. 
Given the crowds teeming the new Ft. Myer Heights Park children's playground, these new gardens are likely to draw more people and excitement to Rosslyn.

The new buildings will be at the site of the Ode Street Tribune's famous call for a historical marker for Rosslyn's Deep Throat parking lot.  As well-informed persons know, the marker was installed less than two weeks after the Tribune called for it.  Speculation has raged about whether the Tribune really has enough journalistic clout to push forward a project that had been stalled for years.

In honor of the site's redevelopment, the Tribune will now acknowledge that it has an informant deep within the Arlington County government.  Via its DDD informant, the Tribune learned in advance of Arlington's plan to install the Deep Throat marker.  The Tribune's DDD informant is so secret that what the letters DDD stand for will not be revealed.  The redevelopment of the site will include an on-site historic marker commemorating this high point in local journalism.

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