Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ode Street Tribune lowers prices for readers

With the world economy facing serious difficulties, the Ode Street Tribune is boldly attempting to stimulate news readers and help the struggling news industry with a new, highly permissive license to use Ode Street Tribune content.  All Ode Street Tribune content until further notice is available to everyone without any restrictions from the Ode Street Tribune.  You can share, remix, and use commercially this Ode Street Tribune content, including text, images, and video, without any further permission from the Tribune.  This public-spirited initiative effectively lowers the price for Tribune readers to make good use of all the interesting and useful news stories that they find on the Ode Street Tribune.

Additional points:
  • If you are interested in pondering legal details of this new license, see the CC BY 3.0 license.  
  • The Tribune would be grateful for attribution in accordance with the terms of CC BY 3.0 license.  Attribution, however, can sometimes be distracting, and figuring out required terms of attribution in different cases can cost time and effort.  To eliminate this cost and effort, the Tribune hereby waives the attribution requirement.  The Tribune, however, remains grateful for attribution by users of its content.
  • In some cases, the Ode Street Tribune includes content that others have created.  Typically the Ode Street Tribune explicitly identifies and attributes that content.  The Ode Street Tribune's license does not apply to that content.  You are responsible for identifying that content and using it accordance with whatever license you have to use it.
  • The Ode Street Tribune provides no warranty or indemnification of any sort to anyone. You are responsible for your actions. 
  • The Ode Street Tribune hopes that persons will use its content in non-evil, productive, publicly valuable ways.  If results sadly turn out otherwise, the Ode Street Tribune may return to a more restrictive license.


Anonymous said...

the Ode Street Tribune is not thinking of its readers; instead it is thinking only of the increasing the glory of the Ode Street Tribune by removing any barriers to its content being picked up by the New York Times. The OST should charge higher royalties and use the funds to issue per-click dividends to readers, similar to the earned income tax credit, since our price is already zero and only a payment would reduce that to sub-zero. Shame, shame, OST

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