Friday, August 1, 2014

Afropop sensation Noura Mint Seymali at Artisphere this Friday

Given Rosslyn's place in cosmopolitan world culture, Afropop sensation Noura Mint Seymali has chosen to perform at Artisphere in Rosslyn.  Seymali and her husband combine an extraordinary range of musical influences:
Unique among the “desert blues” music that is emerging mostly from Mali, Noura Mint Seymali’s band presents a unique interpretation of traditional Mauritanian music. Noura’s success stems from her ability to combine a rare classical mastery and a griot’s cultural authority with musical idioms that speak to the emergent realities of youth culture in West Africa and beyond. Composing for an ensemble with traditional instruments at its core—ardine (harp), tidinit (lute), and t’beul (bowl drum)— and fortified by Western bass and drum-set, Noura employs the instruments and modal structures essential to Moorish tradition while simultaneously delivering ideas within the format of the pop song.

Noura’s husband Jeiche Ould Chighaly, who is the guitarist for the band, is influenced by western musicians such as Dire Straits and Jimi Hendrix, infusing both funk and psychedelic into their music. Noura cites Etta James as an influence and in her singing you can hear multiple influences, reggae, flamenco and rock.
Seymali is playing only this Friday night at Artisphere.  Tickets are $18. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rosslyn's Dark Star Park & Jerry Garcia -- REVEALED!

This Friday, August 1, is the 30th anniversary of Rosslyn's Dark Star Park.  This famous work of public art was the first public art installed in Arlington County.  To mark this important anniversary, Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette will officially proclaim “Dark Star Park Day” at a celebration starting this Friday at 9am at Rosslyn's Dark Star Park.  Rosslyn BID President Mary-Claire Burick, Congressman Jim Moran, developer Joey Kaempfer, and representatives of Arlington Public Art will also be at the event.  In addition, this Friday evening the Rosslyn BID will be screening the documentary Art in the Public Eye: The Making of Dark Star Park before the Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival.
In the tradition of Rosslyn's key role in revealing the Watergate scandal, the Ode Street Tribune has decided to reveal that Dark Star Park links Rosslyn to the creativity of Grateful Dead bandleader Jerry Garcia.  Jerry Garcia's birthday is August 1.  Dark Star is a brilliant song that the Grateful Dead released in 1968.  The Tribune urges this Friday's celebration of Dark Star Park to include playing a recording of Dark Star at exactly 9:32am.
Let's go you and I.  Yes we can!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday night, Heavy Seas Alehouse packed

About 7pm this Tuesday night, Rosslyn's Heavy Seas Alehouse was rocking with a large crowd inside and a good number of patrons on deck in the sidewalk seating area.  Around the block, Piola Pizza and Cafe Asia were also hosting large crowds.
Right next door to Heavy Seas Alehouse will soon be a Spitfire Pizza.  That shop will offer custom pizza and salads, made to order in 90 seconds. 

Downtown Rosslyn is becoming a destination location for evening socializing, every day of the week.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

don't play hopscotch in the middle of Meade St. bridge

Recently a hopscotch course has been marked out on Rosslyn's Meade St. bridge.  Playing hopscotch in the middle of a busy road is crazy.  The Ode Street Tribune urges residents to enjoy themselves more safely in Rosslyn's magnificent Ft. Myer Heights Park.

Friday, July 25, 2014

free ballet exercise classes in Rosslyn's Gateway Park

Don't spend your summer regretting that you missed the Rosslyn Yoga Hikes this past June.  Look to the future!  In August on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7pm, Lava Barre will be offering free, outdoor ballet exercise classes in Gateway Park.  Lava Barre soon will be opening a fitness boutique in Rosslyn.  So if you like the classes, you will have an opportunity to take more in the future.
Keep in mind that ballet training is not just for ballerinas.  This sort of training can help keep you moving through clouds at age 79.  It's also excellent for cyclists looking to build core strength, improve balance, and promote the ability to accelerate explosively in response to an attack.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rosslyn's Central Place rises with artistic views

Eminent fine art photograph Frank Hallam Day has found fine art in Rosslyn.  That's not surprising to well-informed persons.  Day's monumental crape murtle mural has for months been creating sensations about Central Place.  Now Day's Rosslyn's series has circled Central Place. Walk around downtown Rosslyn and open your artistic eyes to the diverse shapes and colors.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

new bike path to Rosslyn opening soon

The new bike path on the south side of Rt. 50 is rapidly making progress towards Rosslyn.  The Ode Street Tribune's Construction Forecasting Bureau estimates that the path will be open and fully functional in about a month.

Meanwhile, controversy continues to rage about how the new path will connect to the local Arlington Blvd.  Leftists believe that the path will be taken across the access ramp to continue on the left along the local Arlington Blvd. up to the stop sign at the Queen St. bridge.  Rightist believe that path will continue on Arlington Blvd. on the right side.  That would require shifting the road over towards the left and adding a curving connection to the existing local Arlington Blvd.  The Tribune urges leftists and rightists to set aside their bitter dispute and support whatever path position best serves Rosslyn.