Thursday, October 30, 2014

green trellises in Rosslyn's Gateway Park

The next time you're enjoying a walk about Rosslyn, meander up Rosslyn's green sky-road Freedom Park and take a look at the green trellises at the top. These trellises cover up a nasty array of satellite dishes used for non-local (yuck!) news coverage. These trellises seemed to have been inspired by Artisphere's green wall and Rosslyn's beautiful curves.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

free family fun day at Artisphere this Sunday afternoon

To make up for your kids stuffing themselves with sugary Halloween treats, take them to a free dance party at Artisphere this Sunday from noon to 3pm. Kids and adults can dance to the hot retro sounds of Baby Loves Disco. This outstanding event will also feature free screenings of spooky Looney Tunes classics, including A Haunting We Will Go and Bewitched Bunny (what looked like a bewitched bunny was reported in the neighborhood).The event will also feature opportunities for kids to make stuff and play with food. Playing with food a a great activity for some place other than your house. Don't miss this event.

For more nerdy kids (nerdy is good), Artisphere this Wednesday, November 5, will feature a free Aha! Fun with Science kids Euro festival at 11am in the Black Box Theatre. This event will include "explosive toothpaste, giant bath bubbles, and a drive through thick fog." Relax, lean back, and let someone else provide your kids with these experiences. They also have the job of cleaning up the mess afterwords.

Whatever your kid likes, Artisphere has something for her or him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

sensational Rosslyn scene strains s's
We regret that the newspaper wasn't printed yesterday. According to a memo from the Ode Street Tribune's Printing Bureau to the Publisher, the s typefaces cracked from excessive wear and weren't useable. That's not surprising. Rosslyn news reporting puts heavy demands on the letter s.

While disappointed with this temporary setback, the Publisher emphasized that he remains committed to traditional typesetting and printing. In press release issued this afternoon, the Ode Street Tribune's Publisher declared:
The hard-working employees in the Print Bureau have my complete support. Nothing can match the sensuousness and liveliness of hand-set type.

Many news sources today have a rigid, inhumane, robotic look to to them. Their ligatures lack subtle shading, their serifs are harshly formed, and as for dingbats, these modern dingbats just don't cut it. We will not move to inferior technology.
The Print Bureau has stated that they have secured an additional supply of s's. Hence publication of the Tribune has now resumed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wiseguy NY Pizza won't provide full NY service in Rosslyn

Given Rosslyn's similarity to Manhattan as a towering urban port, Wiseguy NY Pizza has wisely chosen to locate in Rosslyn. Wiseguy NY Pizza will be opening at 1735 N Lynn St. (former site of Quizno's Subs) in a few months.

Unfortunately some aspects of Wiseguy NY Pizza's offering are troubling. A notice on the door describes what will be offered. Among the features of the pizza:
  • NewYorkinized water (special filtering system for pure clean water)
  • kneading, proofing & fermentation technique
  • no pizza screens or pans
  • dough must cook directly on old-school deck over
  • use extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany, Italy
  • use parmesano regino from Italy
  • use most expensive Wisconsin cheese
  • homemade fresh mozzarella, homemade meatball
  • homemade sauces & dressing
The use of "extra-virgin olive oil" doesn't seem to appreciate Rosslyn's colorful history. But more troubling are two exclusive features:
  • provide the best food but the worst customer service (only in NY)
  • treat tourists like cattle (only in NY)
Rosslyn deserves to get everything that NY gets. The Ode Street Tribune calls on Wiseguy NY Pizza to offer Rosslyn fully authentic NY service.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rosslyn artistically encourages fire safety

Testing your smoke alarm can save your life in the case of a fire. Rosslyn's legendary "beasts of the boulevards" at Rosslyn's Fire Station 10 have commissioned an abstract painting in the school of Jackson Pollock to encourage everyone to test their smoke alarms. Go test your fire alarm now.

Now that you've finished testing your fire alarm, enjoy a look at that magnificent work of abstract impressionism. The upper blue shape evokes a dove soaring skyward, while the dripping red paint provides a terrific undercurrent of the horror of a deathly fire. The green base figure epitomizes the importance of green space to Rosslyn, especially around the Wilson School site

According to a covert source, a hot fight is underway between Fire Station 10 and Artisphere for rights to display this work on a permanent basis. Fire Station 10 is quite crowded and cannot easily accommodate visitors wanting to see the art. Artisphere could easily accommodate a large number of art aficionados. On the other hand, fire art would seem to truly belong in a fire station. Count on the Ode Street Tribune for providing any further news in this developing story.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arlington Independent Media to expand radio programming for Rosslyn

Arlington Independent Media has announced that it is building a new radio station that will serve Rosslyn.  The new radio station will be a low-power station broadcasting at 96.7 FM. As a leader in Rosslyn traditional news media, the Ode Street Tribune applauds Arlington Independent Media's bold step forward with traditional media.

Rosslyn was the site of the historic Three Sisters radio towers early in the twentieth century. Rosslyn volunteer expertise could help to get Arlington Independent Media's new radio station on air and serving Rosslyn. Contact Arlington Independent Media to participate in this exciting new endeavor.

Rosslyn candidate forum may be election turning point

Political pundits at major Rosslyn media viewed viewed the upcoming Nov. 4 election as sure-thing landslide victories for Arlington County Board candidate Alan Howze and Congressional candidate Donald Beyer. But after tonight's dramatic Rosslyn candidate forum, the election looks to be up for grabs.

Leading candidate Alan Howze (Democrat) opened the County Board candidate panel with a knowledgeable discussion of County issues and his long-range vision for investing in Arlington's future. It was solid presentation, but with a glaring weakness. Opposing candidate John Vihstadt (Independent) evidently sensed the subtle tone of uneasiness in the packed room. He quickly mentioned some Arlington County priorities and then shrewdly started talking about Rosslyn. Immediately the room lit up with joy and attentiveness. Vihstadt devoted about 40% of his opening statement to Rosslyn-specific issues. While candidates can't be expected to write new speeches for every stop on the grueling circuit of Arlington candidate forums, Arlington County voters know that Rossyn is special. Vihstadt's appreciation for Rosslyn has probably launched him into a contending position for the Arlington County Board seat.

Among Congressional candidates, leading candidate Don Beyer (Democrat) stumbled badly. Retiring Congressman Jim Moran has served our 8th District for 12 terms. As political insiders know, Moran built his political success with regular, consistent, every-time appearances (2008, 2010, 2012) at the Rosslyn candidate forum. Beyer failed to appear tonight. Not recognizing Rosslyn's cultural, technological, and political leadership is a mistake of a rookie politician.  Whether Beyer can recover from this political disaster remains to be seen.

The four Congressional candidates who appeared at the Rosslyn forum offer voters a wide range of choices. Gwendolyn Beck (Independent), who has impressive business experience, declared her willingness to build coalitions. She also seemed to be willing to have American soldiers fight in foreign lands for abstract ideals and emotive stories. Gerard Blais (Independent Green) and Jeffrey Carson (Libertarian) pledged to end the war on drugs and decriminalize drugs. Blais favored universal health care and free college education. Carson, who has had many family members serve in the military, strongly opposed the military war on terror, which he described as a complete failure. Micah Edmond (Republican), highly articulate and politically savy, has extensive experience with the military-industrial complex. He emphasized a get-the-job-done approach. He pointed to the basic job of writing and passing a national budget.

School Board candidates Audrey Clement and Barbara Kanninen are vigorously contesting one school board seat. Nancy Van Doren is running unopposed for the other seat. Carla de la Pave is running unopposed for County Treasurer. Recognizing its importance, all three of these candidates attended the Rosslyn forum.