Thursday, April 17, 2014

massive pile driver going to work in Rosslyn

Central Place construction in downtown Rosslyn is heating up.  You can follow all the action on the Central Place construction blog.  Look for McDonald's to be demolished soon.  And marvel at the massive pile driver now on location.  You can bet Rosslyn will feel the earth move when this huge tool swings into action.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rosslyn Plan Framework discussion this Wednesday

At the County Board meeting this past Saturday, the County Board approved the Rosslyn Plan Framework.  The Rosslyn Plan Framework has been attracting leading planning talent to make Rosslyn an even more spectacular riverfront jewel.  Among the planned changes are converting Lynn St. and Ft. Myer Dr. into two-way streets in downtown Rosslyn and eliminating the Ft. Myer Dr. tunnel.  Removing two of the overhead walkway street-crossings has already helped to open up downtown Rosslyn.  Rosslyn will become even more airy, open, and exciting in the future.

The Rosslyn/Ft. Myer Heights neighborhood association (RAFOM) is sponsoring a discussiong of the Rosslyn Plan Framework this Wednesday, April 16, at  7 PM in the Belvedere Condominium Party Room, 1600 N. Oak Street.  Brian Harner, Chairman of the Process Panel, and Anthony Fusarelli, County Planning staff, will be there to discuss the Rosslyn Plan Framework and the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rosslyn's wild tulips lead in exuberance

While flower aficionados eagerly await the blooming of Rosslyn's famous Iwo Jima formal flower gardens, wild tulips next to the Rt. 50 entrance ramp to Rosslyn are already welcoming everyone.  Rosslyn tends to be associated with urbanity.  But if you take the time to get to know Rosslyn, you'll notice a wild side of irrepressible exuberance.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rosslyn vistas enrapture cherry blossom visitors

Thousands of visitors to the National Cherry Blossom Festival enjoyed blossom-draped vistas of Rosslyn today.  The new 1812 N. Moore St. tower was an eagerly anticipated addition to the skyline. "It's bigger than the Washington Monument," said one viewer.  "Look at the way it thrusts into the sky!"  Some viewers paddled out into the tidal basin to get a better view of the Rosslyn skyline underlined with cherry blossoms.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

finalized election results

The Ode Street Tribune has finalized the results of its news coverage election survey.  Readers do not want to read about the "Duke Blue Devils."  A plurality (41%) voted against coverage because the "Duke Blue Devils" are satanic.  Another 21% voted against coverage because the Tribune is for serious local journalism.  In recognition of the results of this democratic election, the Tribune will not cover Duke basketball games.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

light voter turnout shows need for public to be informed

John Vihstadt won today's County Board special election with a voter turnout that was only 16% of registered voters.  That's ridiculous.  Would the other 84% of registered voters prefer to live under a hereditary monarchy?  Probably not.

The fundamental problem is that not enough persons are staying informed about local news.  The rise of tabloid journalism and celebrity news spread through Facebook and other new media is distracting the public from quality news.  Help save our democracy by encouraging your friends to read the Ode Street Tribune. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

vote in County Board special election on Tuesday

This Tuesday is special election for a seat on the Arlington County Board.  A full slate of four candidates are running for the office, with positions ranging from a conservative "keep Arlington great" to a people's revolution platform.  Here's full video coverage of the candidates' statements at the important Rosslyn candidates' forum. 

Rosslyn has two distinct polling places adjacent to each other.  One is the Wilson School precinct (1601 Wilson Blvd) and the other is Fire Station #10 (1559 Wilson Blvd).  Make sure to go to the polling location for which you are registered.  You can check your voter registration here.

Candidates and leading media are likely to watching Rosslyn voting carefully.  A large Rosslyn voter turnout will underscore Rosslyn's vital position as the riverside ambassador and gateway of Arlington County.  Vote!