Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mark Everson: Rosslyn pivotal to rise of presidential candidate

In 1986, Mark Everson chose to move from Cleveland Circle to Rosslyn. He and his wife wanted an easier commute to their government jobs and a more scenic location to live. Everson's move to Rosslyn led to his impressive government career, first as chief operating officer for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and then Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Shouldering the crushing responsibility of running these large organizations depends on having a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing home life. Living in Rosslyn provided Mark Everson with that home life.

Mark Everson is now a candidate for U.S. President. He has put forward a six-point plan for making America better:
  1. Taxes: reform rules so that the majority of Americans don't have to file taxes.
  2. Banks: tighten enforcement of laws on banks.
  3. National Security: reinstate mandatory national service.
  4. Spending: means-test entitlement programs, including social security, to limit growth of debt ratio.
  5. Immigration: provide a path to citizenship to everyone here and work to secure borders.
  6. Presidency: pledges to serve only one term and seek a constitutional amendment limiting future presidents to one five or six year term.
In a recent interview with the Ode Street Tribune, Mark Everson said that the most important message he wants to send to Rosslyn residents is "Take a look at me. I'm not a political insider. Consider something different."

Rosslyn's importance in the upcoming U.S. presidential election is already beyond doubt. Among announced candidates, Mark Everson and Jim Webb have lived in Rosslyn or currently live in Rosslyn. In the coming year and half before the election, expect other candidates to seek to establish Rosslyn credentials. All politics is local politics, and no locality is more important than Rosslyn.

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