Wednesday, June 17, 2015

KidicalMass family friendly bike ride from Rosslyn this Sunday

KidicalMass Arlington has organized a family friendly bike ride this Sunday at 5:15pm starting from Rosslyn's threatened Highlands Park. The ride will explore flatter and quieter parts of Rosslyn and venture to the trail head of a secret hiking trail. The ride will finish at Rosslyn's Heavy Seas Alehouse where participants can remain for a social dinner.

Keep an eye on KidicalMass Arlington for relaxed, social bike-riding fun for the whole family. It's just the opposite of a weekend warrior competitive cycling sufferfest. KidicalMass is:

Casual family bike rides -- slow paced, on calm streets and/or trails, very easy, no drop.

Everyone is welcome: adults with kids on seats, in trailers, on long tails, in box bikes, on trail-a-bikes, and/or on tandems; older kids on their own bikes; even adults on bikes by themselves.

The rides will be slow (around 6 mph), short (3-4 miles) and easy (no hills above 5% grade if at all possible).

This is a great way to experience real life in Rosslyn.


Anonymous said...

Will the Ode Street Tribune have any of their editorial staff on this ride

Ghost Riders said...

I always like ride with my loving family member, my mom, younger brother and some pets who I love to carry with me.

Susan said...

It is really a good activity for family. I often organize pinic, climbing and riding by bicycle for family. I usually get some sushi rice brands to bring for us to eat in our break time. Really enjoyable.