Sunday, February 20, 2011

Westmoreland Terrace designated historically important

Arlington's Historical Resource Inventory has named 136 Arlington buildings/complexes as historically important buildings.  Important buildings help to make Arlington the place that it is:
The Important properties help communicate and reinforce the architectural and historical character of Arlington. In addition to their individual merit, many of the Important properties shape and impact the way we visualize Arlington landmarks and streetscapes. Nearly half of the Important properties are historic garden apartment buildings and/or complexes, which have continuously served the housing needs of Arlingtonians for decades while maintaining their high quality building materials, architectural design, and urban planning principles.
Among the Important properties are the Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums.  Westmoreland in fact is ranked in the top third of the Important properties. 

The Westmoreland Terrace buildings were built in 1947.  Originally Westmoreland served as housing for soldiers and their families stationed at Ft. Myer Military Base.  The army sold Westmoreland, and it re-opened as a condominium complex in 1982. 

A few years ago, Westmoreland was honored at the Arlington County Fair.  Being named as Important adds further to Westmoreland's luster.  As you surely appreciate, Westmoreland is a fitting location for the Ode Street Tribune's world headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know why the 1336 building wasn't included in the list?

Douglas Galbi said...

Good question. May have just been an oversight.

Unknown said...

1315 is actually skipped as well.