Thursday, October 18, 2007

Arlington County Board Candidates' Debate

Arlington County residents will elect two County Board members in the election on Nov. 6, 2007. RAFOM sponsored a debate among the candidates on Oct. 10. Each candidate began with a five-minute opening statement. Here are videos of the opening statements:

Each candidate then gave a two-minute responding statement. Subsequently, persons at the meeting asked the candidates' questions. Every candidate had two minutes, later shortened to one minute, to respond to the questions.

Here are links to videos of the first six questions asked, along with the candidates responses.


  1. Managing decline in housing assessments

  2. Importance of political diversity on the County Board

  3. Future of the County's car decal fee

  4. County police's role in enforcing federal immigration laws

  5. Different policies for multi-family dwellings vs. single-family homes

  6. Policies to promote open spaces in the County

Good government depends on active, informed, and caring persons. Participate in the democratic process!

Update: Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada were elected to the Arlington County Board. Congratulations to them, and thanks to all the candidates for contributing to the democratic process in Arlington.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for producing this video. I was unable to attend and found this record of the debate very useful.
Mark Antell
North Rosslyn