Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arlington promotes bicycling

Arlington is being recognized as a good place for bicycling. This past December, the League of American Bicyclist designated Arlington as a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community. In addition, the May, 2008 issue of Spokes magazine included a lengthy article about cycling in Arlington County. Spokes is distributed in bike shops across the mid-Atlantic states. The article noted that Arlington County Board Chair Walter Tejada and Board Member Chris Zimmerman are enthusiastic bicyclists. It also included comments from members of Arlington's leading cycling team, the Lanterne Rouge. Most importantly, the article outlined Arlington County's plans to make cycling in Arlington even better.

Arlington's Master Transportation Plan includes a significant bicycling element (here as a large pdf file). The plan sets out the goal of ensuring that Arlington is one of the best places to bicycle in the U.S. It also establishes as an objective to have "at least half of all residents ride bicycles for transportation purposes at least occasionally." The plan proposes both to improve Arlington's bicycle network and to enhance bicycle safety:
The primary focus of the Bicycle Element is the completion of a more fine-grained and comprehensive bicycle network of trails, bike lanes, and other on-street facilities. Bicycling would be a more viable travel option for many Arlingtonians with the completion of several key bikeway network connections. Enhancements in bicycle parking facilities at transit stations, shopping centers, offices, and in multifamily residential buildings will also improve the effectiveness of the network....
Policy proposals in the plan aimed at achieving greater safety and user comfort include enhanced traffic law enforcement, safety education efforts, and promotional events such as mass rides. Young bicyclists, in particular, would benefit from the proposed greater emphasis on “safe routes to school” educational and promotional efforts.

Plans include an extension of the Four Mile Run trail across Interstate 395 and a bicycle sharing program.

Bicycling is fun, healthful, ecologically sound, and practical. See what a bike can do for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug! There is a lot of community ephemeral information on biking in Arlington and in Washington DC. People share it, and then it dissipates. "What is the best route." "Where are the dangerous crossings." "Where is there a bike meetup" and lots of other info. In order to help, there is a new Washington Bike Google Map Mashup found at
Everyone can add to it; Everyone can embed it in their site or blog. Webike 2.0. It's just a start at this point, but in the Words of Captain Planet, By Our Power Together, We Can Mashup!

Douglas Galbi said...

The Arlington Bike Map is a nice start. Will add to it when I get time and material.