Monday, May 26, 2008

Rolling Thunder memorializes Memorial Day

Riders, supporters, and motorcycles gathered in the Pentagon parking lot yesterday for the 2008 Rolling Thunder ride. This, the twenty-first annual Rolling Thunder ride, brought together hundreds of thousands of motorcycles and many more supporters to remember veterans, especially those missing-in-action and prisoners of war.

Rolling Thunder began in 1987 with a few men who wanted to show concern for prisoners-of-war left behind in Vietnam. They came up with the idea of a motorcycle ride through Washington. One founder recalled another looking toward Memorial Bridge and saying, "It will be the sound of rolling thunder coming across that bridge." Rolling Thunder has been heard across Memorial Bridge on the Sunday before Memorial Day ever since.

Rolling Thunder is more than just motorcycles. It's part of America in action. If you missed Rolling Thunder this year, check it out next year, Memorial Day weekend.

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