Thursday, June 19, 2008

Westmoreland Condo meeting Monday night

The Westmoreland Terrace Condo Board meeting for June is Monday, June 23, at 7pm in the condo office, 1314 Ft. Myer Dr. (on upper end of the big parking lot). Everyone is welcomed to come and find out about what's going on around Westmoreland.

Meeting report: I showed up at 7pm. No one was there; office dark and locked. I waited until 7:15, and still no one showed up. Then, walking back to my apartment, I show a huge rainbow.

Update 2: Dennis Freeman said that the Board didn't have a quorum, so they canceled the meeting that afternoon at 3pm. But two Board members were going to attend, while by my reckoning only one non-Board member was going to attend. Definitely need more interest from residents. Next Board meeting is scheduled for July 28, 7pm.

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