Wednesday, July 9, 2008

go green for dinner

Chop't Salad has opened a shop at 1735 North Lynn Street, about a ten-minute walk from Westmoreland Terrace Condos. It's got good-for-you greens, fast, friendly service, and reasonable prices for large servings of salad. I personally saw the manager order a new salad made for a customer who didn't get exactly what she wanted. And as a customer, you've got a huge assortment of ingredients to choose from to make your custom salad. My favorite: arugula with beets, broccoli, red onions, radishes, and angus steak, with exotic carrot ginger dressing. Yum, yum! Highly recommended. Hours: M-F, 10:30am - 9 pm, Sat. 11am - 6 pm, closed Sunday. Tel: 703-875-2888. They do take-out and catering; menu here.

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