Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November Westmoreland Terrace Condo board meeting

The November Westmoreland Terrace Condo Board meeting was on Monday, Nov. 24, at 7 pm in the condo office. Issues discussed:
  1. Cars are cutting through the 1301 building's parking lot at high speed to go between Fort Myer and N. Ode St. This creates a hazardous situation for residents. The Board approved closing one entrance to the 1301 parking lot. The Board will investigate the need for Arlington County approval, the cost of closing the entrance, and the possibility of replacing the entrance with additional parking spaces.
  2. According to Vicki Russell, the residents of 1301 strongly favor installing a courtyard and charcoal grill on the Ode St. side of 1301. The distance to the grills at Fort Myer Heights Park is greatest for 1301 residents. The distance deters their use of those grills. In addition, 1301 lacks a front or back yard. A courtyard and grill would provide community space for those residents, and would be open to other Westmoreland residents as well. The Board will think about the proposal and consider possibilities and costs.
  3. Dead tree limbs are reportedly a hazard around the buildings. Keep an eye out for dead tree limbs that might fall in windy conditions, and report threatening dead tree limbs to Phil, the site manager.
  4. Vicki Russell, a long-time resident who has been active in the condo landscaping, reported dissatisfaction with the work of Lancaster, our current landscaping contractor. She said that they are taking us for granted, only half-stepping, and not giving us the work that we paid for. At last month's Board meeting we renewed the yearly contract, so the option of changing landscaping firms is at least a year away. Nonetheless, failure to meet specific obligations under the landscaping contract should be reported to Board.
  5. The lights that are not turning off, as reported to the Board last month, still haven't been fixed. Phil will be asked again to address this problem.
  6. Greenscaping roofs with dirt and plantings can potentially improve temperature stability and help the environment. The Board will investigate possibilities and costs.
  7. The roof on 1301 is now 17 years old. All but one unit on the top floor have experienced water leaks from the roof. Vicki urged that the roof be replaced promptly. The Board was not aware of ongoing problems with leakage. The problem will be considered further. Leaks should be reported to the Board so that they can properly plan roof maintenance.
  8. The Board discussed required Arlington County permits for condo renovations. Residents should refer to Arlington County's information on when a permit is required and seek appropriate permits when necessary.
Board members Jose Calvo, Valerie Corda, Clayton Taylor, and Emil Tabakov attended the meeting. So did residents Joe Ruland, Vicki Russell, and Douglas Galbi. Residents who missed the meeting missed fun discussion and fine residential camaraderie. Property Manager Dennis Freeman was out sick.

Note: There is no December Condo Board meeting. The next meeting is Jan. 26 at 7 pm in the condo office.

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