Tuesday, December 16, 2008

state of Arlington County

Arlington County Board Chairman Walter Tejada gave a 2008 State of the County presentation Tuesday night at a County Board gathering. The above video provides about 8 minutes of excerpts from his presentation. A video of the whole session is available from the Arlington County website. The 2008 Arlington County Annual Report is also available.

According to Chairman Tejada, the state of Arlington is excellent. Arlington has a AAA bond rating and was thus able to float bonds with a 4.17% interest rate. Arlington is well-positioned to ride out what appears to be a major economic downturn.

Chairman Tejada discussed accomplishments in Arlington this year and thanked his fellow board members and Arlington residents who have helped to make Arlington a better place. Among other accomplishments, this year Arlington reformed the county government's compensation and healthcare plans, established an agenda for healthy living and a healthy environment, established a new bus transfer station in Shirlington, expanded the stock of affordable housing, and implemented diversity dialogues. Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards were recognized nationally as Great Streets.

The Board selected current Board Vice Chairman Barbara Favola to be Board Chairman in 2009.

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