Monday, February 16, 2009

Freaky Friday Gala Opening for Crystal Couture

Forget your old images of Crystal City. Crystal City is now an epicenter of fine food, fashion, glitz, and glamor, right here in Arlington County, Virginia. If this is unbelievable to you, believe. The Ode Street Tribune is bringing you the news.

But don't just read and watch, go there. From February 13 to February 28, 2009, Crystal Couture offers a dazzling lineup of fashion and fun in Crystal City. Boutiques are displaying special lines, other booths and sections offer jewelry, massages, and hairstyling, and you can watch runway fashion parades as if you were in L.A.

The Freaky Friday Gala Opening was extraordinary. Bowen McCauley Dance performed sizzling excerpts from two works. Young, local fashion designers under their labels Missy Klectic and YOSOY showed originality and flair in two runway fashion shows. These are people who obviously put a huge amount of effort into their work.

The scene was remarkably friendly even to appallingly unfashionable persons such as this intrepid reporter. Kourosh Chitsaz, owner of the hot, new Profile boutique at 11th and U St in DC, told me about his exclusive, Euro-Brazilian fashions. I think he also mentioned that his boutique, which opened about nine months ago and occupies two floors of what was formerly a townhouse, serves martinis.

Now is a good time to buy some new, fashionable clothing. You'll be helping to stimulate the economy!

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