Monday, July 27, 2009

July Westmoreland Condo Board meeting

The July Condo Board meeting featured discussions of bats, stolen bikes, near death experiences, and rejuvenation trimming, among other important topics. Michelle C., a Westmoreland resident and expert flower gardener, recently reviewed Westmoreland with our landscape contractor. One result was the trimming of our azaleas. Did you notice that some bushes vanished? Don't worry, they'll grow back thicker and better. It's called "rejuvenation trimming."

Trimming of the oak trees in front of 1301 is under consideration. No major branch breakage occurred in the recent storms. Cost of trimming both trees would be about $1,100.

A bat recently got into the common room in 1301. It seemed to be out for blood. While vampires are typically only seen in this area in dreams, keeping unscreened windows closed is a good idea.

A number of bikes apparently were stolen from the common room in 1336. Keeping your bike locked with a high-quality u-lock will lessen the chance of it getting stolen. You should also register your bike with the Arlington County Police. Compared to other jurisdictions, Arlington is relatively successful in recovering stolen bikes. Registering your bike will help the police return it to you if it's stolen.

Cars cutting through the parking lot of 1301 remains a concern. A resident of 1301 recently was nearly hit by a car speeding through the parking lot. Be particularly careful when crossing this parking lot. Suggestions for appropriate and feasible actions to lessen the danger would be welcomed. Signage indicating "no thoroughfare" will be installed shortly.

The facade work on 1315 has finished. The cost was $89,321. The roof on 1301 will be repaired this fall at a cost of $65,145.

All the parking lots will be re-sealed and re-striped starting on Aug. 3 and continuing for a few days. Be on the lookout for signs indicating temporary changes in parking. Cost: $9,453.

Replacement of some cement sidewalk blocks along the entrance path to 1309 will occur in a few days.

Board members Jose Calvo, Valerie Corda, Emil Tabakov, and Joe Ruland, four residents, and Property Manager Dennis Freeman attended this fine, free business, social, and entertainment event.

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is Monday, Aug. 24, 7pm, in the condo office.

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