Monday, August 31, 2009

bad ART

An ART bus crashed into the guard rail above Rt. 50 near the intersection of Queens St., Rhodes St. (bridge) and Arlington Blvd. about 6:45 pm today. I would guess that its brakes failed when it tried to stop for the bus stop at the bottom of the downhill on Queen St. It ran over the nearby stop sign, which has been re-erected with makeshift repair. That repair may not last, so watch out for cars failing to stop at that intersection.

In other traffic news, about 6:15 pm today, a car made a left turn from Arlington Blvd. onto Meade St. with little space to spare. An approaching car did not slow down at all, and the two cars nearly collided. The Arlington Blvd - Meade St. intersection is another dangerous intersection in our neighborhood. It's even more dangerous when drivers act like idiots.

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