Tuesday, September 29, 2009

roof on Westmoreland building 1311 may be repaired first

Courtesy of Board member Joe Ruland, draft minutes from yesterday's Westmoreland Terrace (WMT) Condo Board meeting:

WMT Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2009
WMT, Building 1314, Management Office

Board Attendees:  Jose Calvo, Emil Tabakov, Joe Ruland
Other Attendees:  Dennis Freeman, Property Manager; six residents

I.  Approved last meeting minutes from 7/27/09.

II.  Jose pointed out problems with the quality of the resurfacing of the lots.  The company will be contacted and asked to fix the problem.

III.  Based on input from engineers, the roof for 1311 may be more in need of replacement than 1301.  The plan is to replace one WMT roof every two years, and we’re hoping the new roofs last longer than the old ones.

IV.  We continue to wait on Verizon to find out when they plan to install the Fios hardware.

V.  The settlement issue has been resolved for Apartment #701 to everyone’s satisfaction.

VI.  The board approved the last installment payment for the fa├žade work.

VII.  The board “cautiously” approved payment to Lancaster Landscaping.  We’ll continue to scrutinize their service.  The landscaping contract is $27,330.  Several trees still need pruning.  Azaleas need pruning, and fall bulbs need to be planted.

VIII.  We discussed the sewer back-up in #415 in 1307.  Fortunately the renter had renter’s insurance, and there doesn’t seem to be any damage to other units.

IX.   The board approved $500 for office furniture for Phil.  The amount includes transportation costs.

X.  One of the residents is interested in exploring the idea of adding balconies at WMT, but it’s not likely to be fiscally feasible.

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