Friday, January 1, 2010

Chewy is back!

Chewy the Epiphany Camel will be at the Church of the Covenant on Military Rd. in North Arlington this Sunday at 10:30am.  While I sadly missed this great event last year, I'm planning to go this year.  Look for further coverage right here.

Update: Chewy the Epiphany Camel fully lived up to his leading billing.  Inside the church, frankincense and myrrh were burnt so that the congregation could know their smell.   A children's choir, accompanied by two violins, a cello, and a piano, performed admirably part of Vivaldi's Gloria.  Pastor J. Beth Goss delivered a scripture-based sermon that provided considerably historical context and explored added details (such as the camel) that have enlivened the story over time.  She explained that wise men coming from the east (the same direction from which came Assyrian and Babylonian invasions) to honor a baby in a manger turned upside down expected relations of power and authority.  She prefaced her sermon by praying that God would speak to the heart of each community member, even if her words were not the right words that a particular person needed to hear.  Later, urging the church to participate in course of reading the bible in 90 days, she expressed her faith that the bible would speak to everyone, even through the human failings of Christian institutions.  The church was friendly, and several persons went out of their way to welcome me. I'm sure that the church would welcome you.

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