Tuesday, May 25, 2010

need for water

Suppose the Rosslyn water system shut down.  You turn on your faucet, and nothing comes out.  The toilet doesn't flush.  You can't take a shower or a bath.   No one knows when the water system will be restored. 

Where would you get water?  What would you do to conserve water?  How much water do you think you would need per day?

These aren't hypothetical questions for over a billion persons around the world.  Over a billion persons around the world lack access to clean water. 

WellDone is a non-proft organization raising awareness on global water issues and providing clean water systems for communities that lack water.  Thus far WellDone has implemented six clean water projects in rural Ghana.  Check out WellDone's 2008 Ghana Trip Report.

WellDone is sponsoring a charity wine tasting on June 3, 6pm to 9pm, at Darlington House near Dupont Circle.  The event will also include a raffle and a silent auction.  The admission prices is $10.  All proceeds will benefit WellDone water projects.

WellDone has offered two free tickets to Ode Street Tribune readers.  The winners will be randomly selected from persons who leave comments describing what they would do if the Rosslyn water system shut down.  I will contact winners using the email address that they use when leaving a comment, so please use a valid email address (it will not be displayed, but as the blog administrator, I will have access to it).

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