Saturday, June 19, 2010

30'th anniversary of Courthouse Farmers' Market

The Arlington Courthouse Farmers' Market this morning celebrated its 30'th anniversary.   In addition to about 30 vendors of fresh, local food, the Virginia Cooperative Extension had stalls on gardening.  Some slow foods representatives were also there.  But not all fast food is unhealthful.  If you're in a rush, I suggest throwing a handful of mixed nuts into a bowl of organic, plain yogurt.  Tasty, healthful, and fast.

At a much higher level of culinary sophistication, Kip Laramie, the owner of Santa Fe Cafe, gave a walking presentation on cooking with fresh, local food.  He described making pork loins with fresh peach salsa, shitake mushrooms with quinoa, blueberry vinaigrette, paddypan squash, soft-shell crabs with a New Mexican twist, as well as a lot of other tasty-sounding dishes.  Running a restaurant can be a demanding job and a tough business.  Laramie, who has being running Santa Fe Cafe for more than two decades, isn't just a successful small businessperson.  He also obviously has a great love for making good food.

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