Saturday, August 21, 2010

art is here with Artisphere

Excitement continues to grow about the 10/10/10 opening of Artisphere in Rosslyn.  Antoinette Essex was helpfully providing information about Artisphere at the Arlington County Fair on Friday.  Some details on what's inside Artisphere:
  • 1st floor: a fine crafts store called Artisans Center of Virginia
  • 2nd floor: wi-fi enabled third place/Town Square; two-story video wall; cafe and bar; ballroom; 125-seat Black Box Theatre; 220-seat Dome Theatre
  • 3rd floor: large art gallery
  • next door: 387-seat Spectrum Theatre
The Artisphere website explains:
A departure from the traditional "arts temple" one visits sporadically to see a big star, Artisphere is a true "third space" -- a place between office and home where the cultural experience is a multi-optioned conduit for patrons to connect with and create community. The Artisphere presents a broader diversity of offerings than most traditional cultural centers.

That's a great concept.  Artisphere will be a wonderful addition to Rosslyn.

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