Thursday, August 5, 2010

bigger, stronger, uglier leash-law sign

We now have a bigger, stronger, uglier leash-law sign in Ft. Myer Heights Park.  The previous small plastic leash-law sign should have been good enough.

A few days after it went up, the small, plastic sign was torn down and thrown in the garbage.  A dog might have been able to bite off the plastic sign.  But no dog I've seen in the neighborhood could have put that plastic sign into the large, high metal garbage container.  A human, not a dog, must have done it.

Tearing down the leash-law sign and throwing it into a garbage container is not a civilized way to protest against leash laws.  I suggest instead the modern, civilized approach of venting and ranting on the Internet.  Everyone is welcomed to do so right here in the comment section of this blog.  Just don't propose the immediate, violent overthrow of the Arlington County government and its replacement by pack of running dogs.

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