Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Community Energy Plan Townhall on Oct. 21

Arlington is doing a big think on its energy use.  You can add your brain power to the effort.  A Community Energy Plan Townhall is scheduled for Oct. 21, 6-9pm, at Wakefield High School.  If you're interested in environmental and energy issues, this Community Townhall is a good chance to learn and contribute.

Cycling is good way to burn easily renewable fat rather than fossil fuels.  To get to the Community Energy Plan Townhall from Rosslyn by bike, ride down the Mt. Vernon trail and take a right on the Four Mile Run trail.  Wakefield High School is on the left, just past Barcroft Park.  A couple of years ago a saw a fish only slightly smaller than the Loch Ness monster in the Four Mile Run canal just past the waste treatment plant.  So keep one eye on the water and you might see something interesting.

Arlington should set up an active electric grid so persons can give back power as well as take it.  If you're riding a stationary bike at a gym, wouldn't you like the satisfaction of knowing that you're generating power for the community?

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