Saturday, September 11, 2010

frogs make their voices heard

As Arlnow has reported, an anti-frog-legs protest recently occurred at Uncle Julio's Mexican restaurant in Ballston.  A large number of frogs live in the marshy area along the bike path out near Wolftrap.  They are loudly against serving frog legs for dinner.

But a rooster in Fairfax says he's in favor of it. "I've eaten a baby frog once myself," he said.  "Tastes like a grasshopper."  "How would you like to be served for dinner?" I asked. "Live well and die young," he said and scurried off to chase a large group of hens just inside the barn door.

Building political coalitions among animals is difficult.  Either they're preoccupied with chasing the opposite sex or they're at each others' throats.

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