Thursday, December 2, 2010

huge painting exhibit upcoming at Carnegie Institute and Arlington Central Library

Local young "Old Master" painter Teresa Oaxaca studied classical painting in the Tenebrist style for five years in Florence.  Now, at age twenty-two, she works as a full-time artist.  About a month ago, she noted in her blog that she had been "holding back about five large nearly finished pieces."  The wait to see these works is nearly over.

At 7:30pm on Monday, Dec. 6, in the Rotunda of Carnegie Institute, the public will receive its first opportunity to see them.  The occasion is a concert and reception benefiting the Esperanza Education Fund.  It is a community-financed college-scholarship program for immigrant students of any ethnicity or national origin.  The concert features the world-renowned musician Grigory Goryachev.  He will play classical and flamenco guitar.  A champagne reception will follow the concert.  Tickets start at $100 per person and must be purchased in advance. 

Hanging in the Carnegie Institute's Rotunda for this event will be Ms. Oaxaca's paintings.  One of the paintings is "Mancini Fiddler," never before shown to the public as the real, original work.   Ms. Oaxaca at first coyly hid an image of it, but then relented.  The dimensions of this painting are 72 inches by 50 inches.  That's huge.  Four other huge works will also be shown, including the award-winning "Girl in Blue."  Although Ms. Oaxaca's commissioned work, Judy & Blitz, apparently won't be shown, it makes clear her Promethean abilities. That dual portrait is fully life-sized.

Ms. Oaxaca is also graciously making her work more affordably and conveniently accessible to the public through an upcoming exhibit at Arlington Central Library.  Her work will be on display at Arlington Central Library from Dec. 7 through Dec. 31. 

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Above painting of Judy & Blitz courtesy of Teresa Oaxaca.

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