Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arlington Boulevard Urban Design study

Commenter Andrew has contributed a link to an Arlington Boulevard Urban Design & Public Art study that was completed in Oct. 2004.  This study focuses on the stretch of the Rt. 50 between 10'th St. and the Courthouse Rd. interchange.  Its ideas remain relevant as Arlington County moves forward with renovating the Courthouse Rd. interchange.  The study also probably is a good example of the sort of result that is likely to come out of the Meade St. Bridge Alternatives Study.

This earlier study observes that Rt. 50 is a historic highway that spans the U.S.  It includes a picture of the ugly fence on the Meade St. bridge (p. 23).  The study notes: "stainless steel mesh screening could be adapted, developed and modified for this site, creating a celebrated gateway into downtown Rosslyn."  Sounds like a good idea.

To download the study: right-click here and save to disk (opening directly seems to stall).  Alternatively, you can left-click here.  Andrew's comment was unfortunately impounded as spam, probably because of the links.  But I rescued it from the spam comment box.

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Anonymous said...

I always find it interesting that so many Arlington County studies show streetscapes a-plenty, but no people who might use the streets. Have also seen park studies without people.