Thursday, February 10, 2011

BLU's MOTO at Artisphere

MOTO, a street-art animation by BLU, is showing continuously on Artisphere's town hall video wall through Feb. 20.  In MOTO, an extrardinary animated figure moves across outdoor walls in Buenos Aires while passers-by take no notice.  Indoors in Baden, Germany, the animation's spatial isolation is more visually barren.  Local office workers shouldn't miss the animated figure eating a paper sheet loosely pasted to a wall.

You could watch MOTO on this screen from wherever you are.  See the video above.  But Artisphere's video wall enhances MOTO.  The surrounding Artisphere architecture gives even more depth and poignancy to the animation's striving to reach out, dig down, uncover, break out, and grow.

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