Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Court House unlikely to threaten Rosslyn's arts superiority

The Arlington Arts Commission has released an initial draft of Arlington Arts 2030.  This report appropriately recognizes the vital role of arts in nourishing a community.  The report, however, is missing five appendices:
  1. Policy for the Support of Arts Organizations and Artists (approved 1990)
  2. Public Art Policy (approved 2000)
  3. Arlington Arts 2030 Charge to the Arlington Commission for the Arts
  4. AMS Best Practices Research Report
  5. AMS Arlington 2030 Cultural Plan Recommendations
This report considers Arlington Arts over the next twenty years.  With that scope, the draft report should include all five appendices.

The draft report has provoked the usual concerns of how much County expenditure and for what.  More importantly, a phrase in the report has raised warning voices about a possible threat to Rosslyn's art superiority.  The draft report states:
There is potential for a number of new arts facilities to open over the next 20 years. These facilities include a small theatre in Virginia Square, new spaces in Crystal City and a replacement theatre for the Rosslyn Spectrum. There are also a number of opportunities that are mentioned in various development initiatives, including a new cultural center at Court House Plaza and arts amenities identified as components of the Master Planning Process that will be undertaken for the Four Mile Run area.
 A new cultural center at Court House Plaza, well within Artisphere's sphere of artistic influence?

The Ode Street Tribune does not believe that an artistic threat from Court House should be taken seriously.  Court House lacks Rosslyn's subtle sensuality and sense of artistic freedom.  Court House is formalistic and legalistic.  For art, all but local prisoners will choose Rosslyn.

You can make your independent and creative views known at two public hearings that will discuss the Arlington Arts 2030 draft report.  These hearings are:
  1. Saturday, June 11, Noon - 2pm at Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard
  2. Monday, June 13, 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Shirlington Public Library, 4200 Campbell Avenue, Shirlington
Help support the incomparable Artisphere for the next twenty years!

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