Sunday, July 17, 2011

Giro di Coppi 2011 delivers exciting bike racing

Since the beginning of July, excitement has been building among bike racing fans for the decisive day of bike racing.  That took place yesterday in the Giro di Coppi.  The Giro, sponsored by local bike racing team Squadra Coppi, continued its tradition of excellent organization and sun-drenched racing through the beautiful countryside of Montgomery County, Maryland.  No one who attend the Giro could be left with any doubts about whether bike racing is fun.

Official results for the 2011 Giro di Coppi are not yet available online. Through its network of spies, informers, and embedded reporters, the Ode Street Tribune has uncovered that Jason Hall of Squadra Coppi took second in the Men's 3 race, Richard Elder of Squadra Coppi took third in the Men's 4/5 35+ race, and Douglas Galbi of Squadra Coppi took 20th in the Men's 4 race.  Congratulations to these outstanding Squadra Coppi cyclists for their podium or near-podium finishes.

Squadra Coppi cyclist Jay Westcott remains on the injured reserve list. One small consolation is that, using his skills as a professional photographer, he took some great photos of the 2011 Giro di Coppi. Check out the photos, and be at the Giro next year.

Update: Here are some unofficial results.

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Photo above courtesy of Jay Westcott.

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