Saturday, August 6, 2011

journalist wanted

The Ode Street Tribune has an opening for a top-notch journalist.  Candidates for this exceptional opportunity must be highly skilled in interviewing, note-taking, investigative research, writing, editing, photography, video, and headline writing.  Candidates should be proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, web analytics, and major open-source CMS, including Joomla!, Drupal, and Wordpress.  Fluency in quantitative analysis and statistics is expected.  Candidates must be ready to work 24/7, be capable of handling a large number of diverse assignments, and have their own transportation and office.

Salary is non-negotiable at zero, with great opportunities for growth. No pension, no healthcare, and no vacations will be provided.  An Ode Street Tribune journalist who, in the judgment of the editorial staff, produces sub-standard work will be summarily fired.  Apply to the Ode Street Tribune today to develop further your career as a journalist!


Anonymous said...

If you are really serious about the opening at the opening at the Ode Street Tribune, you should have provided an application form. In accordance with what I have learned from a blog entitled "Carnival of Bureaucrats" that is written by a member of the staff at the Ode Street Tribune, nothing really exists unless there is an appropriate form.

Douglas Galbi said...

Good point. Unfortunately, the editors currently do not have anyone to tell to do work. We are hoping that we will soon get some employees to support our managerial team.

Anonymous said...

How about the editor (or editors) or the management team from doing the work. I do not remember reading anything in the Carnival of Bureaucrats that prohibits such action.