Monday, September 26, 2011

Tacchino Circlocross delivers chocolate donuts

In cyclocross, the bike riders have to leap barriers.  To summon energy for that leap, riders at this Sunday's Tacchino Circlocross could pick up a chocolate donut before the barriers.  Nothing goes with riding in the mud like a chocolate donut.

The Tacchino Circloss is the signature cyclocross event for local bike racing team Squadra Coppi.  Legendary race director Jim McNeely made this year's Tacchino even bigger and better than last year's race.  The Tacchino race led off a major series of area cyclocross races.  For more on the race, see district cycling or watch a highlights videoJay Wescott, still on the Squadra Coppi injured reserve list, took some great photos of the event. You've already enjoyed one above; enjoy more below!

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