Saturday, November 19, 2011

identifying planes overhead

Airplane noise is a major civic concern in Rosslyn.  WolframAlpha can help deal with noisy planes overhead.  Here's a description of the free online service.  Try it by clicking here.

With this handy service, you can precisely time crucial conversations while enjoying drinks on your balcony.  Before the crucial enunciation of "Will you ...?", whip out your smart phone, quickly navigate to the above WolframAlpha query link, and check how many miles off the nearest plane is.  Proceed with conversation appropriately. 

Identifying planes overhead won't make them any less noisy. But at least with WolframAlpha, you'll know exactly what flight you're cursing, and when to say crucial words that need to be audible.

Note: post updated based on very helpful comment.

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Jacob said...

You can just say "flights overhead 22209"