Tuesday, December 13, 2011

old foot warmers keep feet warm

For winter weather cycling, shoe coverings (booties) are essential.  But booties have to have an opening in the sole so that the shoe cleat can snap into the peddle. That opening transmits cold up into your foot.

One solution is warming insoles.  You would have to put in a new pair for every day's ride.  That's a bother, costs money, and generates waste.  The solution, just like for laundry, is don't change. 

Even through dead soles don't give off heat, they still provide insulation.  Dead soles help to keep your feet warm.  Thank you, dead soles, for making the world better! 


Anonymous said...

will riding through a cemetery also keep you feet warm?

Douglas Galbi said...

Depends on how many of the graves hold persons burning in hell.

Anonymous said...

if dead souls keep your feet warm they should be toasty in cemeteries

HauHuynh said...

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