Monday, January 23, 2012

Garvey pedals to victory in Democratic primary

Libby Garvey rode to a big win in the Arlington County Democratic Committee's caucus that concluded this past Saturday.  With her victory, Garvey became the Democratic candidate in the special election, upcoming on March 27, for a seat on the Arlington County Board. 

While Arlington school crowding and the proposed Columbia Pike streetcar were major issues in the election, an informed observer attributed Garvey's impressive victory to her experience.  "When setting multi-modal transportation policy," he explained, "there's no substitute for on-bike experience. Garvey's on-bike experience gave her the decisive edge in this important election."

Vote tally from the Arlington County Democratic Committee:
  1. Libby Garvey:    1,915 votes
  2. Melissa Bondi:     966 votes
  3. Terron Sims:        922 votes
  4. Kim Klingler:        333 votes
  5. Peter Fallon:        178 votes