Monday, January 9, 2012

immerse yourself with Beauty Pill at Artisphere

Whatever medicine you're taking, you've got to take in Beauty Pill at Artisphere's Immersive Ideal installation.  Among other gems, one song lyrically flows: "If you see something that you don't have, you already know how to live without it," and then fades to a chanting refrain "I'm so lucky."  That's far better medicine than any prescription anti-depressant.

Even more potently, you get to hear this beautiful music within a collage of images of its creation, and you participate in shaping the rhythm of the images.  You tap buttons on a control board, and the images surrounding you change content and tempo. This is psychiatric therapy at its best.

Make sure to schedule an appointment, at your convenience, to see the Immersive Ideal with Beauty Pill at Artisphere's Black Box Theatre through January 22.

Note: brief review video included in post.

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