Saturday, January 14, 2012

Libby Garvey, candidate for Democratic nominee for Arlington County Board

We need leaders who set priorities and manage change to keep what matters most as Arlington grows and develops. I’ve proven I can do this on the school board for 15 years.

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Part of the tweet-your-candidate series.   Voting for the Democratic nominee to run in the special election for the Arlington County Board will occur from 7 pm to 9 pm on Jan. 19 at Washington-Lee High School and from 11 am to 7 pm on Jan. 21 at Kenmore Middle School.

Note:  Counting all characters in the standard technical sense, Libby Garvey's text has 162 characters. That's greater than the 140 character limit.  However, the Tribune's text analysis team determined that Garvey's text has exactly 140 characters if blank spaces are excluded.  After a three-hour meeting debating the correct interpretation of the rules for the tweet-your-candidate series, the Ode Street Tribune's Editorial Board decided by a bare one-vote margin to post Garvey's full text.


Jamie said...

I would have voted against this "tweet." If you put it into twitter or a SMS (the intent of 140 characters) it says -31 characters.

Anonymous said...

She broke the rules

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Ode Street Tribune made the correct decision. In fact there should have been no controversy. The invitation clearly specified " no more than 140 characters of text". If space is "text", this means that a blank piece of paper is filled with "text". Such a result is absurd. Plaudits to the Ode Street Tribune for maintaining and living up to their reputation for fairness

Anonymous said...

Our country would be better off if politicians filled their head with "text" rather than empty "space".

Anonymous said...

Libby Garvey twitter cheater Ode St Tribune lap dog not watch dog