Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tweet your candidate

The Ode Street Tribune this Saturday will have a special series of posts from responding Democratic nominee candidates for the Arlington County Board.  Each candidate has the opportunity to have one post consisting of an image and not more than 140 characters.  If you're a politically active reader, you can tweet the post of your favorite candidate. If you're an extremely busy or a politically apathetic reader, you can make an informed choice among the candidates by looking at images and reading no more than 140 characters per candidate.  The Ode Street Tribune is here to serve everyone.

The Tribune has sent each candidate the following invitation:
Thanks for your service to Arlington, and your willingness to serve on the Arlington County Board.  To help inform voters, the Ode Street Tribune is giving each County Board candidate an opportunity to communicate with voters.

You can have one post for free on the Ode Street Tribune.  The form of the post will be the same for all candidates.  The title of the post will be "{candidate's name}, Democratic nominee candidate for Arlington County Board seat"  The contents of the post will be very simple: you provide a photo/picture/drawing (image) and no more than 140 characters of text.  The Ode Street Tribune would prefer a creative image relating to your vision for Arlington, but you can submit any image that you choose, including even just a headshot of yourself or an image like a roadside campaign sign or a website advertising banner.  The Tribune will not edit the image at all.  The text, which is optional and limited to no more than 140 characters, can compliment the image, explain the image, or whatever.  If you would like some word in that text to be linked to your website, include an explanatory note describing which word you would like linked to your website and the Tribune will add the link. Otherwise the text (limited to 140 characters) that you provide will not be edited at all.  Please don't submit any image that will generate controversy over copyright for the Tribune or yourself.  At the end of each post, the Tribune will append details on voting times and places.

I'm sure that you're very busy with meetings and events.  This opportunity is meant to be simple, fun, and useful for informing voters on the important upcoming choice of the Democratic nominee.  I hope that you will take advantage of it.
Look for candidates' responses on the Tribune this Saturday!

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