Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new bike share station near Meade St. bridge

An alert resident noticed a new slab of concrete in the under-appreciated North Meade St. Park.  Alert and engaged residents are all that stops the whole earth from being concreted over.  This resident's alert triggered an Ode Street Tribune special investigation.  The special investigation has revealed that the concrete slab is the base for a new Capital Bikeshare station that will be installed at this location within a month or two.

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Paul DeMaio said...

Arlington is aiming for a March/April installation of the Capital Bikeshare station at this location. We're awaiting receipt of bicycles from the manufacturer as we've already received the station. We've gotten a lot of support from community members about this location. It should also prove popular in accessing Iwo Jima without a car.

Paul DeMaio
Capital Bikeshare Program Manager
Arlington County