Tuesday, March 27, 2012

low turnout at Rosslyn's Wilson School precinct

At approximately 8:10am this morning, only 21 voters had checked into Rosslyn's Wilson School precinct.  Arlnow reports that overall, only 15,110 persons (12% of the electorate) voted, and that Libby Garvey won the election for the Arlington County Board seat.

Fortunately, this election was not your only opportunity to participate in self-government.  As part of Arlington's Participation, Leadership, and Civic Engagement (PLACE) initiative, Arlington has established an online forum OpenArlington for engaging with Arlington County government.  The first question is, "What would make it easier for you and others to engage with Arlington County Government?"  You can look at others' response, and contribute your own.

You can also participate in self-government by eating vegetables rather than cupcakes.

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