Monday, April 30, 2012

Gretchen Sprehe elected to Westmoreland Condo Board

At the 2012 annual meeting of the Westmoreland Terrace Condo Association this Monday night, Gretchen Sprehe was elected to a three-year term as a new member of the Condo Board.  Gretchen has an advanced degree in Environmental Sciences and management experience.  She has been actively attending condo board meetings for over a year and thus has experience with Westmoreland condo management business.  Moreover, she runs the online social news service District Geek. That provides convincing evidence that she knows how to have fun.  Welcome Gretchen as a Westmoreland Condo Board member!

Current members Jennifer Feinleib, and Joe Ruland were re-elected to additional three-year terms.  They deserve thanks from all residents for their continuing service.

Additional notes from the meeting:
  • The condo free increase for this year is 8%, as announced in the mailing to owners. The Board hopes to keep future increase to the general inflation rate of relevant prices.
  • Phil Bogert has returned as the onsite property manager.
  • Verizon Fios service installation appears to be on indefinite hold.  Other buildings in the neighbor do have Fios.
  • Pioneer Roofing's roof repair reportedly damaged one or more air-conditioning units.  Replacing the roofs requires raising these units.  Doing this without disconnecting the units puts stress on the pipes.  Additional roofing repairs are planned for Westmoreland.  Residents should be alert to the possibility of damage to the heat pumps.  Check the operation of your heat pump if you live in a building undergoing roof repair.  If additional problems occur or remain unresolved, Westmoreland should consider replacing Pioneer Roofing with a different roof repair contractor.
The next regularly scheduled condo board meeting is Monday, May 28, at 7pm in the onsite condo manager's office.

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