Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new houses put up next to Arlington Cemetery

Two new houses (one pictured above) have been erected right along the fence line for Rosslyn's Arlington National Cemetery.  Zoning laws almost surely prohibit putting up residences in that location.  Moreover, the large signs on the outer walls of the houses probably violate the Arlington sign regulations.

On the other hand, these houses have some merit.  They are relatively low cost.  Rosslyn needs more affordable housing.  Moreover, Rosslyn  is a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community.  These houses provide a place for residents who might not otherwise have a roof over their heads.

In a special closed-door session, the Ode Street Tribune's editorial board could not come to an agreement on an authoritative declaration concerning these houses.  In accordance with modern democratic practices, the Tribune will thus let the people decide.  Cast your vote in the poll below!


Anonymous said...

soon as these houses proliferate mobile worm and grub vendors will be plying the rows of Arlington Cemetery

Anonymous said...

Allow the house, but force them to remove the advertising.