Monday, June 18, 2012

celebrating vegetables: artichokes defend your health

If you're feeling tired and rundown and your defenses are low, reach for an artichoke. Artichokes are chock full of vitamins and can help to ward off all kinds of attacks.  The recipe for an artichoke is definitely cooked.  Wrap the artichoke in foil and stick in the over at 400 for about an hour.  That's a lot of time, but, hey, if it didn't take so long to cook, it probably wouldn't provide such a powerful bodily defense.

Eat the artichoke by breaking off the petals and sucking out their pith. When you've pulled off all the petals, scrap a fibrous layer off the stem and then eat the stem.  Delicious.

Artichokes go well with other medieval weapons such as asparagus.  Count on vegetables to defend your life!

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