Monday, August 6, 2012

more Page Valley Road Race coverage

In addition to reporting Rosslyn cyclist Marc Edmonds' outstanding finish, we bring you additional Page Valley Road Race reporting with an exclusive after-race interview with Rosslyn rider Douglas Galbi. Here's a verbatim transcript:
"That was a thrilling, excitement-filled race and a great achievement for team Rosslyn. What was the most intense highlight for you?""I think I rode well, given that I'm old.  And the bike was shifting really well.  Getting the cable tension right is key."

"What are your hopes, fear, and dreams as a bike racer?" "I changed out my 11-23 rear cassette for an 11-25 because of the hilly course, but then the bike started shifting badly onto the upper sprockets.  I hoped to do well in the race, but I was really worried about slipping a gear on a climb."

"Was there a moment when you felt the triumph of the human spirit?" "I took my bike into my local bike shop, and they adjusted the cable tension with the rear barrel adjustor.  My bike is running great, so I'm happy."
"What are Rosslyn's prospects in next year's race?  Are there upcoming stars to watch for the future of Rosslyn cycling?" "I think Capital Bikeshare is helping to get more persons riding bikes. But equipment is important, even if you just like to look at it and talk about it.  You can get a much faster bike than a CaBi bike for not a lot of money."
To recap the results from the Page Valley Road Race, Rosslyn rider Marc Edmonds finished 12th and Rosslyn rider Douglas Galbi finished 20th in the men's category 4 race.

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