Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rosslyn rider makes strong debut at Page Valley Road Race

Rosslyn resident Marc Edmonds cycled impressively today at the Page Valley Road Race in Stanley, Virginia. This was Edmonds first race as a Cat. 4 racer and his first time doing the brutally hilly Page Valley course.  The Cat. 4 race started at 3pm in scorching heat.  It was mainly a battle of attrition.  On the next to last climb, the leaders surged on the steep finishing section, shredding much of the field.  But Edmonds, with the tenacity and determination for which Rosslyn residents are known, matched the acceleration.  He finished in 12th place, maintaining to the finish close contact with the lead group.  Members of local bike racing team Squadra Coppi are now urging and pressuring Edmonds to join the team.

Among Squadra Coppi cyclists participating in the Page Valley race,  Coppi strongman David Wilson finished 16th in the Cat. 3 race.   Last weekend, Wilson won the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association men's 45 years and older road race champion jersey.  Wilson has taken the general-purpose "I'm old" excuse and stomped all over it.  If you're a middle-ager, you now need a new excuse.

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