Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bike Arlington shines at Diamond Derby

The Diamond Derby created an incredible underground bike racing scene today in Crystal City.  The race course looped and turned through the underground parking lot at 2345 Crystal Dr.  The course's many turns, as well as the smooth concrete surface of many turns, kept the bike racing to civilized speeds.
The Bike Arlington team put in an outstanding performance.  Chris Eatough, BikeArlington coordinator and six-time 24-hour solo mountain biking World Cup champion, performed impressively in the bike tire toss and blackjack checkpoints to win the open racing competition.  In the team competition, BikeArlington's anchor was a mother who tore around the race course with a baby in a bike seat.  The baby seemed to enjoy the noise and the bumps, and never gave out a cry.  Even if you don't want to ride a bike for your own enjoyment, think of the children.
Numerous spectators raucously cheered the racers.  Finishing places in the Diamond Derby are of great public significance.  Unfortunately, final results from all the races are not yet available at the Ode Street Tribune's tight press deadline.  Look for Diamond Derby results in other quality news sources.

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Tim said...

Yes, think of the children!

You'd be more accurate if in the second to last paragraph, if you replace the word "mother" with "father" and the word "baby" with "stuffed teddy bear."