Monday, October 8, 2012

celebrating vegetables: broccoli & asparagus

Broccoli and asparagus naturally complement each other.  These versatile vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked.  By cooking them, you can easily eat more of them.  Eating asparagus raw, on the other hand, keeps it stiffer and lessens effects on subsequent natural bodily functioning

Do not boil these or any other vegetables.  Boiling vegetables is cruel and causes nutrients to leach out. 

Moist heat makes for tasty broccoli and asparagus.  All you need are standard bowls and plates.  Wash the vegetables first and don't let them dry.  For broccoli, put it in a cereal bowl, put a plate on top to cover the bowl, and put that combo in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.  Asparagus can be similarly steam-cooked between two plates for 1 minute. Make sure to take the vegetables out of the plate apparatus (which will be hot; handle with cooking gloves) promptly or the vegetables will keep cooking.

Having broccoli and asparagus helps to bring about satisfaction and well-being.  Try it today!
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Anonymous said...

i can see it, i can see that dang fish hidin' there under the broccoli. What are you DOIN' boy, this is a vegetable celebration page

THINH said...

The food there is great, hopefully there will be a chance I can use my ingredients with it. That would be a very delicious dish.