Monday, October 15, 2012

yarn bomb at Artisphere

Through its network of local informers, the Ode Street Tribune has learned that a yarn bomb is being fabricated in Artisphere.  Guerilla activists reportedly will be meeting at Artisphere on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm.  The Tribune's Electronic Intelligence-Gathering Bureau has intercepted the following recruiting communication:
Drop in on any or all of the free Wednesday evening stitch sessions to help create a yarn bomb temporary public art project that will bring color and art to Rosslyn! We’ll help you get started with materials, instruction and inspiration. Meet other knitters and crocheters while sharing your creativity for a top secret, guerilla-style, collaborative installation early next year! Experienced stitchers are welcome to bring their own needles and hooks.
Close reading of this missive indicates skulduggery.  Rosslyn is already colorful and full of art.  The claim that this plot "will bring color and art to Rosslyn!" suggests the work of foreign agents. 

Rest assured that the Ode Street Tribune will thoroughly investigate this matter in coming weeks.

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