Thursday, December 13, 2012


Shiny green broccoli crowns are now at the front of the produce section in Rosslyn's mysterious and intriguing underground Safeway.   They're priced at $1.69 per pound for Safeway Club members.  Broccoli is an excellent vegetable.  Celebrate the holidays with broccoli!

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This post is part of the Ode Street Tribune's Celebrating Vegetables series.


Anonymous said...

Your series on vegetables is excellent. However, some people may be confused by the color in your photographs. If I did not know what broccoli was, from your photo, I would go looking for a yellow vegetable. I suggest that you check the white balance in your camera. Possibly the color change is because you had the camera set to Macro. That sometimes changes the color balance. Keep up the good work -- other than the color of the photo, your article is excellent.

Douglas Galbi said...

Thanks for the technical information. The Deputy Managing Editor will send a memo to the Photography Department.

Unknown said...

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