Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chewy the Epiphany Camel is coming!

This Sunday, January 6, at 10am, Chewy the Epiphany Camel will be making a guest appearance at the Church of the Covenant on Military Road in the greater Rosslyn area.  Camels are amazing animals.  They can endure great swings in temperature.  They can also go a long time between drinks. Coming just after New Year's Eve, that's a capacity worth investigating.

The Ode Street Tribune's Armchair Investigative Bureau reports that camels were used on the Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean.  However, donkeys and horses outnumbered camels on the Silk Road.  According to a leading Silk Road authority:
Camels could carry loads across the desert, but they were difficult and irascible, and most travelers preferred to ride horses and donkeys or to travel in carts drawn by them along dirt roads.
If you have resolved to adopt camel-like drinking habits, you should warn your family and friends.  They may then prefer to spend time with horses and asses.

You don't see many camels along the roads and multi-user human-powered travel paths in this part of the world.  Don't miss Chewy the Epiphany Camel's visit to the Church of the Covenant right here in the greater Rosslyn area!

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