Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kennedy Center responds to Artisphere's success

Facing the growing success of Artisphere, the Kennedy Center has announced a $100 million expansion.  Artisphere and the Kennedy Center are cross-Potomac rivals for area leadership in arts and arts education.  The Kennedy Center expansion will add a video projection wall similar to the two-story video wall already existing in Artisphere's Town Hall.  The Kennedy Center expansion will also add more classroom space to make the Kennedy Center more competitive with Artisphere's arts classrooms and Education Lab.

Doubts remain about the Kennedy Center's proposed future.  In an exclusive interview with the Ode Street Tribune,  a Rosslyn resident declared, "You can't buy originality, personality, creativity, and community engagement.  The Kennedy Center can spend $100 million, $200 million, or a billion.  It doesn't matter.  The Kennedy Center will never be Artisphere."

Public leaders must take care to ensure that arts rivalries don't become overly antagonistic.  Perhaps Artisphere and the Kennedy Center, cross-Potomac rivals, will be able to come together in the future in artistic collaboration.

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Arisphere is a joke